Mr. Sy Sokunbottra, Group Chief Executive Officer​

“Great Team. Come Great Ideas.”

Our goal is to remain innovative at the cutting edge of each industry so that we may continue to create value for our shareholders, surrounding communities, and the wider economy.

Whatever we operate, we strive to ensure that B2O takes a balanced approach to all stakeholders, by adding value through managerial capabilities as well as taking significant care to listen to the community, people and its surrounding environment through giving a wide range of corporate and social responsibility initiatives.


Company Overview

Welcome to our Group Companies

B2O Group, a business development establishment based in Cambodia, is a major holding group with interests in offering strategic business development support and product trading opportunities online and offline.

Established in 2017, we focus on a dynamic and decisive approach to explore and create new investment initiatives in both local and international level. We welcome all opportunities, embracing innovation and investing in companies at all stages of their business cycle.

Presently, B2O Group has many subsidiaries and business units in which are offering the products and services and with a very good market feedbacks such as WAM Digital Co., Ltd., A.N.A Advisory Co., Ltd., Netsoftex Co., Ltd., B2O Property®, BNG Power®, Crila Vita®, and many other business units which are under our Joint Investment partnership.

Our philosophy

"Sell the problem you solve. Not the product."

For us, success is more than ordinary statistics. Our work and our successes were born from an idea and put it into practice with patience and it is steered by our passion for excellence.

We strongly believe that we can make the people to do anything we want. The trick is (Yes, “IS”), by making things that are valuable to them, by giving them what they want, by not giving them what we want, by being consumer centric, by simply listen to our beloved people; This is because they always tell us what they want and the point is that we usually fail to listen to them.

Our approach is simple; we are not only work to understand market trends but YOU. We believe in a relationship that actively engages you and the establishment of long-term business relationships that are based on mutual goals, ethical business practices and the single-minded pursuit of delivering the extraordinary quality to succeed with you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a trusted and profitable international holding group in consumer-driven value creation, problem-resolution and innovation, through investment in diverse industries in which delivering exceptional value to the people.

Our Mission

B2O Group aims to generate global socio-economic growth, foster entrepreneurship in a multi-sector business and sustainable stakeholder wealth.

We have 04 pillar of key mission to achieve


For Shareholders

To deliver a consistent and profitable growth.

For partners

To from a long lasting relationsips with straight-forward mutual objective, trust and reliability.

For Clients

To offer a better solution to the problems with consistent in quailty and value of money.

For Community

To improve a better living community.

Corporate Culture

Aloe Vera

(Over 1000 years therapeutic plant)


We act with highest ethics. We thrive to improve accountability.


We growth together and work as a team.


We are our owned community. Our efforts is our results.


We aim to make it great. We are passionate for quality results.


We are flexible and keep focus to achieve our common goals.


We value talent and unleast everyone potential.


We turn innovative concepts into reality, we make it happen.


We listen carefully and respect differences.